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Alcohol dependence

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Alcohol consumption

We, humans, try to improve our environment, physical condition, the way we think and behave, in order to feel comfortable and to live a pleasant life.

According to the above schema, the substance consumptionseems to be one of the options used to modify our emotions and moods. Those substances that change the behavior, conscience state and psychological condition are called psychotropic substances. In this category are included drugs like marihuana and heroin, tranquilizers, stimulators, and other substances such as alcohol, tobacco and coffee.

The use of psychotropic substances is a planned action that targets a specific objective, and continuously interacts with behavioral options and life circumstances.

However, any option used to modify the mood can become an addiction.

Some people start using psychotropic substances as medication during early childhood, but the majority discovers them during puberty or teenager years. Puberty or the youth years is a difficult period characterised by tumultous, external and internal crises. If the emotions and moods are unpredictably and unpleasant influenced by thoughts or social pressure,the interiour balance should be re-established through healthy strategies not with psychotropic substances.

The alcohol is used as aliment or psychoactive substance. It is consumed in small amount by people that enjoy tasting different alcoholic drinks or that developed a habit. Alcoholic drinks are available on the market and can be easily purchased, and usually are consumed in social context. The reasons why people drink are: the social appreciation and the instant, pleasant effect of the alcohol. Warning:a harmless alcohol consumption can easily become abusive when used for its relaxing and pleasant effect.

As aliment, 1g of alcohol has a caloric power of 29kj. Even if the alcohol's nutrition value is high, the alcohol does not provide benefic substances needed in a healthy and equilibrate diet. For example, 1 litre of beer has a caloric power of 2,000kj covering 20% of the daily energy of a man with a medium level of physical effort labor. The same caloric power is contained in 0,7l of win or 0,25l of strong alcoholic drinks.

As a psychoactive substance, alcohol is a sedative, like barbiturics (Nembuthal, Secobarbital) and easy tranquilizers (Meprobamat, Diazepam). A sedative is a substance that decreases the central nervous system's activity, changing the behavior, conscience state and mental disposition.

Even if the alcohol is consumed for its relaxation effect, for its taste or from habit, it has a sedative effect on the central nervous system's activity. That's the reason why alcohol sold as medication (various pain killers, tranquilizers) can work as a false cure for all kinds of symptoms and indispositions.

Unfortunately, the alcohol is not perceived as a drug, and is seen as an essential part of our life, culture and economy.

Many people can keep under control their normal consumption of alcohol and avoid its negative effects, but others unnoticeably slip into an addiction, paying this price with their health and even their lives.

Harmful alcohol effects on the human body are more expected if the average amount of alcohol exceeds 40 grams of pure alcohol per day.

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