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Alcohol dependence

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The Alcoholemy - blood alcohol concentration

Once the alcohol enters the body, it is passed into the bloodstream through the small intestine walls (80 precent) and the stomach walls.

How fast the alcohol enters the bloodstream depends on (1) the drinking manner (slowly, fast or swigged), (2) the alcoholic beverage type (alcohol's concentration, content of carbon dioxide, sugar, temperature) and (3) the stomach condition. Usually, the alcohol enters the bloodstream fast when the person drinks a warm, sweet and high carbonate alcoholic beverage with a up to 6 percent concentration of alcohol on an empty stomach.

When using the time criteria, usually after 10 to 15 minutes half of the alcohol amount has entered the blood flow. After 20 minutes around 60 percent of the alcohol has entered the blood flow and after 30 minutes almost two thierds. In 60 up to 90 minutes the entire amount of alcohol is in the blood.

The alcohol concentration in the blood is indicated in 1‰. An alcohol concentration in the blood of 1‰ represents one milliliter of pure alcohol per one litre of blood.

Blood alcohol concentration formula is

C = A / G
. r

C = alcohol's concentration in the blood
A = quantity of alcohol in grams
G = body weight
r = a diffusion factor (0,7 for male; 0,6 for female)

As we can see on the above formula, the blood alcohol concentration also depends on the body weight and the amount of liquids in which the alcoholic drink can be passed around in the stomach. However, when we calculate the blood alcohol concentration we have to take in consideration several other factors like: gender, personal tolerance, and the lenght of alcohol consumption.

If the person drinks for a longer time, the blood alcohol concentration value decreases because the body eliminates a certain amount of alcohol during normal physiological functions. The alcohol amount eliminated by the body also depends on the body weight, and is around 0,15%o per hour.

Let's take a closer look to this phenomenon. Approximately 5-10 percent of the alcohol that enters the blood flow is eliminated untainted by the body mostly through the expired air, urine, and sweat. Approximately, 90 to 95 percent of the alcohol amount that enters the body is processed by the liver. The alcohol is decomposed through an oxidation process.The alcohol is transformed into acetaldehyde by a hepatic enzyme called alcoholdehydrogenesis (ADH). Acetaldehyde is also transformed by aldehyddehydrogenesis (ALDH) into acetic acid which becomes carbon dioxide and water. Therefor, the body eliminates 7 to 10 grams of alcohol in one hour by decreasing the blood alcohol concentration with 0,15%o per hour.

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