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Alcohol dependence

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Alcoholism's casualty - part two

  • Psychological causes
  • There are no universally specific features that profile the image of an alcoholic. However, there are several characteristics that are more often among alcoholics. These are:

    • The tendency to avoid problems despite the person ability to solve problems;
    • Personal uncertainty and inhibition;
    • High need to depend on others;
    • Decreased autocapacity to cope with dissatisfaction, or a high need for an instant gratification (low level of frustation tolerance);
    • Exaggerate selfcontroled and suppression;
    • Difficulties in satisfying their attachment and closeness needs;
    • They often experience bad moods and a reduced psychical comfort state.

    All these characteristics can also be a consequence to an abusive alcohol consumption.

    In many cases, the addiction is treated with unsuccessful attemps of self-medication to fix inner discomfort. Females often suffer from psychological wounds caused by sexual abuses or aggressions. A higer number of alocholics come from orphanages or disfunctional families. However, psychological wounds are not an essential or sufficient condition for alcohol addiction to develop.

    It seems that, in many cases, not only the personality's characteristics make the individual more vulnerable at alcohol consumption, but his attitude towards life. A very pregnant feature for these persons is that they constantly look forward to something better. Based on a real or imaginary expectation, they believe that their life must be a continued ascension. In reality, life follows an up-and-down pattern. An alcoholic tries to chemically equalise these ups and downs and even tries to improve his life quality. However, on long term, this effort has a oppsite effect.

  • Professional causes
  • There are significant differences between the number of alcoholics given by different professional groups. Those that have a so-called alcoholic job, such as booze producers and providers, are very exposed.
    Also, those that work in contructions, transportation (sailers), self-employed without a well established and with a flexible work schedule, or those that have jobs either with lot of routine tasks or without constant supervision, are more exposed to alcohol consumption and are more vulnerable to develop an alcohol addiction.

    Researches proved that job solicitation and over-solicitation is often better headled with alcohol.

    It is also very important to have a job qualification and a safe job that fit your needs. Unemployment is a major stress factor that can lead to abusive alcohol consumption.

    Those women that face a higher risk to develop an alcohol addiction are the unemployed wives, especially when they have a good social and economical situation.

  • Educative causes
  • Those parents that did not have any contribution or played an unsignificant role in their children alcohol addiction, experience guitly feelings and are tortured by doubts. Some believe that they spoiled the children too much, they suffocated them with too much love; others think that they have been too severe, too cold or restrict their children freedom and rejected them too much. An education where the chindren is excessively protected and stopped from becoming independent si harmful.
    Each of these education styles could contribute to alcohol addiction onset and evolution.
    However, is impossible to find a cause-effect type answer. All this worries and fears have a healthy purpose as long as they help to understand and solve the problem.

    Lot easier is the answer for those cases where one of the parents is alcoholic. Due to this situation the child did not learned how to better deal with problems. Even if the children negatively experienced his parent alcoholism, he might follow this example to solve his/ner own problems.

  • Conflictual causes
  • Every family or jobs conflict can lead to an abusive alcohol consumption. However, an abusive alcohol cosumption can also be the reason for familial and professional problems. This way the already existing conflicts become more complicated. The person will strongly want to avoid this conflicts but this way he builds up a vicious circle. This cicle will become stronger and stronger in time and would not be stopped unless the alcoholic request professional help.

    A close examination of the situation, shows that the alcohol addiction is not caused by the conflict, but by the individual coping maner. The conflict can be either approched and solved or avoided. So, not the conflict is the issue, but the approaching maner. One thing is sure, the alcohol is not an effectice solution to deal with conflicts.

  • Social causes
  • The society attitude towards alcohol and alcoholics is equivocal. While the alcoholic is despised being considered a drunk, those that can drink big amounts of alcohol at a party are admired. A temporary excessive alcohol consumption, such as during year holidays, is considered masculinity sign. A real man is the one that can handle big amounts of alcohol. In opposition to this real men is the weak one, which either drinks small amount of alcohol or does not drink.

    In this way, the society accepts the alcohol consumption and unwillingly promotes the alcohol addiction. Underestimating the alcohol consumption negative effect, the society helps the person facing an alcohol addiction to not see the real danger he is actually facing.

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