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Alcohol dependence

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Strategies to avoid the alcohol consumption

We all know that sometimes we crave for different things. For example when we are hungry and shop in a grocery store, we tend to notice all kind of food that usually passes unnoticed, or the fresh smell of a delicious cake makes us buying it, even if we actually do not need it.

However, most of the time we do not satisfy every urge or craving that we have, especially if the object of our desire can be harmful or does not fit the situation we are in. Each person copes with an urge or craving differently, because some are impulsive and have a harder time controlling their urges, while other seem to deal preatty easy with their urges.

Each alcoholic has to know that their alcohol craving is normal and can be triggered by environmental or psycholocigal factors. This craving is usually compared with a wave that tends to grow until it hits a plateau. It is difficult to resist this wave especially when it hits its maximum power, but can be approached in an easier, more elegant, and less dangerous manner by "flowing" with it until the wave goes away (like a swimmer or surfer does). In a similar manner, the alcohol craving goes away. It is wiser for an alcoholic to say: "I feel like I want to drink. Maybe this desire becomes more intense, but will go away".

During a recovery treatment, an alcoholic learns how to prevent and reduce his/her cravings. Below there are described few of the coping tehcniques used by alcoholics to defeat their cravings.

An effective approach for a sober alcoholic is to permanently keep in mind the reasons why he/she cannot drink, by confronting his/hers "pro" and "contra" arguments list. Some alcoholic actually choose to carry with them a real list similar with a credit card or little phone numbers agenda, designed to present on one face the advantages offered by a sober lifestyle and on the other side the risks that an alcoholic faces when he/she starts drinking again.

Another effective approach can be the use of a relaxation method learned by the alcoholic during his/hers recovery treatment. There are several different types of relaxation techniques that range from simple methods, that involve breathing exercises, to complex methods, which involve mental reprezentations to induce relaxation.

During difficult moments, when the alcoholic is covered by worries, he/she can use the positive interior monologue approach. This approach allows the alcoholic to remind himself/herself which are his/her strengths, qualities, skills, and abilities.

Another approach, that can be used when the alcoholic is tortured by so called "cold thoughts" (thoughts that focus on the alcohol), is a small physical punishment such as a pinch or snap. Sometimes, alcoholics use the image of the red "STOP" trafic sign to force their mind to stop thinking about alcohol.

In some cases, the alcoholic can reorient his/hers attention to concrete activities. For example, they can spend time with another person, can listen music, dance, visit with friends or neighbours, go for a walk, watch a movie, read a book, play a favorite game, clean the house, write poetry, or even pray. Any of these acivities help the brain to focus on something else rather than alcohol.


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