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Alcohol dependence

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The beginning phase

The main stages of this phase are:

  • Memory gaps

  • At the begining, the alcoholic experiences several memory problems such as memory gaps or amnesias. They can occur even when the alcoholic is not drunk. When an alcoholic drinks not more than 50-60 grams of pure alcohol (500 grams of wine or 200 grams of plum brandy) is able to have a normal conversation, to perform well, but the next day he can't remember anything he done or said, or only small sequences. The liquor, the wine or even the beer are not simple alcoholic drinks, and they turn into the drug so needed by the alcoholic.

  • A secretly alcohol consume

  • There are some signs that the alcoholic becomes aware of his/her drinking behaviour. He/she starts drinking on secret to hide the real amount of alcohol consumed. This way he/she tries to avoid being judged. Even at a party, he/she will try to drink in secret several glassed of booze. However, this behaviour is displayed only into a social environment which does not tolerate alcohol. Those that live in an environment where the alcohol is part of a normal life or those that drink alone do not compare with other and do not drink in secret or feel guilty.

  • A permanent preoccupation for the alcohol

  • The alcoholic experiences frequent thoughts that fouces on alcohol consumption and how to not run out of alcohol. Sometimes, this phase is not felt by those that work or spend lot of time around alcoholic drinks.

  • A greedy alcohol consume

  • A sign of the alcohol addiction is a greedy alcohol consumption. This occurs when the alcoholic temporary (for few hours or days) stopped drinking. However, there are few alcoholics that come from high social clases, where they were taught to drink "elegant", with style. This can mislead this alcoholics in thinking that they drink normally.

  • Guilty feelings

  • In time, the alcoholic starts to realize that his/her drinking behaviour is abnormal, that he/she drinks too much, guilty feelings occur. These guilty feelings torture the alcoholic more and more, when he/she realise that cannot control the alcohol.

  • Avoidance of any alcohol reference

  • feeling guilty, the alcoholic tryies to avoid any critical allusion about the alcohol . Sometimes, the alcoholic can become aggressive when poeple around him/her talk about alcohol addiction.

  • Serious memory problems

  • This hehavioural changes and frequent memory problems represents a seriuos signal of the alcohol addiction onset.

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