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Alcohol dependence

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The cronical phase

The main signs of this phase are:

  • Prolonged drunkenness

  • The dominant role of the alcohol in the drinker's life and the desire released by the morning consumption, neutralize the dependent's resistance. It happens for the first time to get drunk in the middle of the day or mid of the week, also while he is working. In this stage, he stays few days without being able to do something else. Frequently appear prolonged drunkenness states.

  • Ethical degradation and reasoning's alteration

  • The prolonged excesses, ordinary, lead to an important ethical degradation and to the alteration of the reasoning through the renunciation of the ethic and moral principles, which have been respected. These processes can be reversible in a way or other.

  • Alcoholic psychosis

  • In this phase for 10% of alcoholics can arise real alcoholic psychosis meaning psychical disorders due to alcohol. They are announced by disorders of memory and concentration, strong emotional oscillations, crawfishes and modifications of attention.

  • Alcohol consumption with persons under his social level

  • Moral loss is so advanced that the dependent accepts sometimes as companions for drinking purpose, persons "under his social level". Appear behaviors, which were not existed before: lies, stealth, promiscuity, etc.

  • Consumption of technical products

  • In case the alcoholic cannot obtain any alcoholic drinks, he starts drinking some non-alimentary, technical or medicinal products (hair lotions, after shaves, surgical spirit, rheumatic lotions). He doesn't take account of unpleasant taste and supplementary toxicity of those substances.

  • Decreased tolerance to alcohol

  • In this phase many dependent persons can't bear so much drink as before. This means that the person get drunk from small amounts.

  • Undefined anxiety states and trembling

  • Fear for a specific thing and trembling become frequent, sometimes permanent. In the course of cronical phase these symptoms appear when the alcohol evaporates from the body. That's why the dependent combats these symptoms, which are part of the withdrawl, by consuming alcohol. This fact is available for some psychomotor disorders as well, such as inability to make some simple actions - shaving, drinking a coffee, etc. These can be performed only after the consumption of amounts of alcohol.

  • Obsessive consumption of alcohol

  • The necessity to control the withdrawl is not the main problem of the alcohol dependent and the desire to solve the initially problems become more important. The specific person deeply enter in a vicious circle and the consumption of alcohol turns into a mania/ obsession.

  • Undefined religious desires

  • For many alcohol dependents, about 60%, appear undefined mystical-religious desires that become more pronounced at the same time as their attempts to offer logical explanations for their situation become weaker. Sometimes arise a delirium with religious reasons.

  • Explanations system fall through

  • At the end, the explanations invoked to justify the abusive way of alcohol's drinking are crocked with the frequent and tough confrontations of the reality. The dependent has to admit that he is at the end of one's rope and to acknowledge his defeat.

  • Depressive crises

  • Takes place the total breakdown. Often, in the course of this evolution, the person can has depressive crises with an extreme intensity, which imply a professional medical assistance; this lead to suicide sometimes.

  • Alcoholic delirium

  • A part of the alcohol ailing can get to neuropsychosis. Can appear paranoid elements and modifications of personality.
    In the alcohol psychosis occur predominantly visual and tactile hallucinations having a terrifying character.
    The convulsive crises of the withdrawl are frequently confounded with epilepsy.
    The progressive degradation of the personality is unavoidable when the consumption of alcohol is not stopped and the ailing follows a competent and complex treatment.

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