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Alcohol dependence

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If you meet a sober alcoholic, you have found a hero.
His mortal enemy slumbers within him;
He can never outrun his disability.
He makes his way through a world of alcohol abuse, in an environment that does not understand him. Society, puffed up with shameful ignorance, looks on him with contempt, as if he were a second-class citizen because he dares to swim against the stream of alcohol.

Be aware: He is a REMARKABLE man !

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

Yes! We live in a world where people drink without discernment. They drink because are happy, sad, bored, without reason or because drinking has became a life style. It is a real fact that people drink. Advertising banners, TV commercials, are invaded by publicity that spurs to alcohol consumption followed by hypocritical awarnings that "alcohol consumption cause severe injuries". However, nobody can tell where the abuse starts, so ... people continue drinking.

It would be overstate to consider that any alcohol consumption is dangerous for an adult.

A recent research stated that the limit between an inoffensive consumption and a harmful one is an amount of 40 grams pure alcohol per day for males (about 0,1 l of strong drinks, 0,4 l of wine or 1 l of beer) and 20 grams for females.

If excessive drinking occurs at younger ages, it might be a sign that the young person suffers from severe personality disturbances or he lives in a disfunctional familial or social enviroment. Excessive drinking at younger ages represents a serious alarm signal because alcohol addiction develops faster in young people.

The majority of alcohol addicted people do not accept easily or they never accept to follow a treatment to fix their problem. This is because the majority of population do not know that the alcohol is a drug and the alcoholism is a disease.

I want to explain from the begining that this website is not a scientific thesis, it has more an informative purpose for those in need. Overcoming this problem (alcohol addiction) is only possible if the alcoholic or those that have an alcohol problem comprehend this phenomenon. Information give strength. We can find the right solution to solve the problem only if we know what we face.

Alcohol addicted people can go back to a healthy, normal life only if they respect an essential condition: a complete renunciation from any form of alcohol consumption - the abstinence.

The information posted on this website is undertaken from alcohol research jurnals that I have been read since I was treated in a Romanian rehab clinic. It had helped me to understand the problem that I was facing for many years and to decide to solve it. With all my respect and modesty I consider myself an exceptional man.

Also, I hope that this site will turn into a "brige" that connects all those poeple out there that face the same problem, and will become a safe place where alcoholics share their succes, can find new information, can give and get advices.

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