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Dependenta de alcool

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Asociatia Crucea Albastra din Romania Asociatie pentru Ajutorarea persoanelor Dependente de Alcool si Alte Droguri.
Asezamantul Nazaret Centru de Recuperare a Persoanelor Dependente de Alcool si Alte Droguri - pentru barbati.
Asezamantul Insula Sperantei Centru de Recuperare a Persoanelor Dependente de Alcool si Alte Droguri - pentru femei.
Centrul de Zi "Phoenix" Ofera servicii de consiliere pentru dependentii de alcool si droguri, pentru familia celui dependent si sprijina formarea de grupuri de suport (gen AA) pentru alcoolici si pentru membrii familiilor acestora.
AA Iasi Website ce se adreseaza persoanelor care au probleme privind consumul de alcool.
Al-Anon Iasi Website ce vine in ajutorul persoanelor care traiesc alaturi de un alcoolic.
Addiction-Management-Recovery Help with alcoholism, drugs, codependency, smoking, sex, porn and other addictions.
Transitions Recovery Program Licensed and JCAHO accredited extended care private residential treatment facility and outpatient program specializing in drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders, located in North Miami Beach, Florida.
Cymbalta Helpful resource on Cymbalta and other antidepressants for depression and anxiety attacks which include support and treatment. Providing various mental health disorders and medication information.
Adfam A national organisation working with families affected by drugs and alcohol and is a leading agency in substance-related family work. We provide a range of plubication and resources for families about subtance use and about criminal justice and operate a searchable database of local support groups that helps families find and talk to people who understand their situation
ENDIPP European Network of Drugs and Infections Preventionin Prison - is a Europe-wide, multi-disciplinary Network working on thePrevention of Drugs and Infections in Prison and it is active in all 25 EUMember States and accession countries.
NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY (NICD) Provides alcoholism and drug addiction / addiction information, articles, and resources for help.
Alcoholism and Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Resources Alcoholism and Addiction prevention, treatment and recoveryresources.
Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Alcoholism andalcohol addiction treatment book. Discover the cause and holistic cure to theaddiction.
Addiction Recovery and Treatment Addiction Recovery and Treatment.
Alcoholism Treatment Alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment book discover the cause and orthomolecular cure to the addiction.
GotTrouble.com A free consumer public resource and provides helpful information regarding help for addiction and recovery. This includes listings of treatment centers nationwide, tips and resources on how to overcome destructive addictions, and descriptions and contact information for federal, state, and local governmental services and non-profit organizations that offer public service assistance and support.
Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Affinity Lodge provides alcohol residential treatment, alcohol drug help, alcohol rehab treatment and residential treatment for alcohol and drug in the UK.
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